Our Glasgow As I See It group have been meeting for the last few months to work with artists Joanna Peace and Anthony Autumn. Read below to hear more about these workshops from Anthony Autumn. 

As artist-writers we have been running a course of workshops with the As I See It group, designed to interrogate various aspects of storytelling and its place in culture, with a focus on Glasgow as our home city.

Throughout the workshops, we have encouraged the group to explore their memories, imaginations and creativity with the aim of producing an exhibition of their work early next year. We have used a number of different sculpting and mark making processes, explored various objects and environments through touching and listening, made field recordings both inside and out, made Foley sounds, played memory games, created a large memory-map of Glasgow, used various prompts to create and collaborate on telling stories, and, of course, had many fantastic discussions over a cup of tea and some biscuits!

IMG_6285It has been an incredible experience to work with them all, and over these past couple of months we have learnt so much about Glasgow and its history, and their personal experience of this history, as well as touching on stories about other places and people that they have known.

We are hoping to create an exhibition that is fully accessible and enjoyable for the group as much as it is for a wider public. Accessibility has been an interesting consideration throughout the workshops and one that has led us to get in touch with various organisations and curators to discuss the ways in which spaces and shows can be best enjoyed by as many people as possible. After the summer break we are going on a trip to the National Sound Archive. We will then be there to support the group in creating their own sound-pieces, which will be the main focus of the exhibition; a mixture of personal storytelling, found and created sounds, and cultural snippets from Glasgow’s history. We will then run a further series of workshops with other community groups around the city to make visual work in response to As I See It’s sound work.

By Anthony Autmn

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The exhibition will open at the New Glasgow Society on 2nd Feb 2019.  More information will be published nearer the time.

This project is funded by the National Lottery Awards for All Scotland and Foundation Scotland.


Images by the artists